Game Features
Game Play
Settings are based on Official Server, There's no such thing like custom item, maps and Non-Player Character(NPC) to preserve the classic feature.
Games & Events
We will have an In-Game and Outside Events, this will help us to develop our camaraderie and bound each other as one.
Top Up System
Our top up system is more efficient and user frienly, You will receive your points once the management will verify and accept your Top Up.
Discord Channel
Got a problem? Want to talk with other players? Download the discord in your play store or apps store to get intouch with us and other players.
Battling System
No powerful items such as God Items, Boss Cards and Imbalance Scroll to make the PvP and War of Emperium balanced.
Boss Hunt
Hunting and killng a Boss Monster is the way to get a cool and good items to make you powerful and popular in the game.
Useful Items
Can use to refine an equipments or weapons in an high chance, but still items will be broken once it fails
Limited Edition
Limited Edition Items can be bought only by few players and small chance to get it back again in the kafra shop
Gear Items
Cool and Awesome gear that can be bought at kafra shop, this will make your character become popular