Did you know?

“Orc Warriors are constantly receiving 3 damage even though there's nothing around them? That's actually them coughing from all the cigars they smoke!”

“Scamming is kinda normal in RO gameplay and If you are not aware of what you doing, You'll get scam! so Beware!”

“If you hold CTRL while you hit enter, your text goes into party chat.”

“Gm’s will NEVER ask for your password and sites that are affiliated with RO Valkyrie usually have www.ragnarokonline.ph”

“A lot of the cities are based on the architecture of real life places? like, Ayothaya and Louyang!”

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Ragnarok : Valkyrie Settings
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Account Settings

• 9 character slots available.

• New Account Registration

• Premium Service Subscription Available

Item Changes

• Removed Creamy Card from Old Card Album

• Removed Emperium from Old_Blue_Box and Old_Violet_Box.

• Removed Angeling Card and Ghostring Card from Old Card Album

• Gift box, Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box, Old Card Album and Treasure Box cannot be placed in Kafra Storage.

• Field Manual and Bubblegum cannot be placed in Kafra Storage

NPC Changes

• Upgrading Lv 3 weapons with Oridecon at the NPC costs 30,000 zeny from 5,000 zeny.

• Upgrading Lv 4 weapons with Oridecon at the NPC costs 50,000 zeny from 20,000 zeny.

• Upgrading armor with Elunium at the NPC costs 30,000 zeny from 2,000 zeny.

• Upgrading costs at Special Upgrade NPC with Enriched Elunium or Oridecon are unchanged.

• Hypermart NPC changed into 3 NPCs. Located only in Prontera, Morroc, Azlude, Alberta, Alde and Payon.

• Starting characters will receive 5 Field Manual and 5 Bubblegum.

• Empty Bottle sold at Morroc NPC

Server Experience rate settings (Global)

• Normal Experience is set to 5.0x

• Characters lose 5% experience when dying to monsters or to players

• Happy Hour Experience is set to 10.0x

• Bonus +28% more experience minimum of 5 party even-share.

Server Drop rate settings (Global)

• Normal Drop is set to 1.0x

• MVP Drop is always set to 1.0x not affected on Happy Hour

• Happy Hour Drop is set to 3.0x

PK Map Settings

• PK Settings on map are available only in any MVP map all the time.

Normal Monster spawn changes

• No changes made.

Normal Monster drop changes

• Empty Bottle removed from all monsters.

• Elunium changed to Rough Elunium

• Oridecon changed to Rough Oridecon

• Steel changed to Coal (chance to drop doubled)

• Mystic Frozen changed to Crystal Blue (chance to drop doubled)

• Flame Heart changed to Red Blood (chance to drop doubled)

• Rough Wind changed to Wind of Verdure (chance to drop dobled)

• Great Nature changed to Green Live (chance to drop doubled)

• Star Crumb changed to Star Dust (chance to drop doubled)

• Key of Clock Tower drop changed to 0.01%. Alarm & Clock

• Key of Underground drop changed to 0.01%. Alarm & Clock

• Key of Clock Tower & Key of Underground drop from Elder and CTManager changed to 5%.

Gepard Game Guard 3.0 settings

• Integrity validation of code section

• Integrity validation of EXE file

• Integrity validation of DLLs in the game client folder

• Encryption of network packets with dynamic key

• Protection against dll injection

• Protection against WPE/RPE/OpenKore

• Possibility to get Hardware ID

• Blocks using popular cheat tools(PotND, meth4u, xRag, xLike, RoTools and other)

• Works with the final version of RCX

• Blocks some specially prepared chat messages which cause crash of game client

• Built-in command "!vsync" to remove limit of FPS

• Built-in command "!ping"

• Prevents modification of selected resources.

• Prevents using nodelay. It blocks a lot methods to get this effect.

• Prevents emulation of mouse and keyboard. It blocks macro/autopotion tools.

• Built-in command "@lgp, @circle, @square, @aoe"

Additional Information

• Pre-RE Classic Mechanics

• Starts at Episode 10.1 - Einbroch

• Platform: PC / Android / iOS

• Advanced DDOS Protection

• Auto Mitigation System

Server Restriction

• Disabled Dual Client

• Disabled Autotrade on normal users

• Disabled Bun and Pills

• Disabled Superb Fish Slice

• Disabled HE Bubblegum and HE Manual

• Disabled Mail System

• Disabled Bank System

• Disabled God Items

• Disabled MVP Card on War of Emperium only

• Disabled Mini Boss Card on War of Emperium only

• No Customize Equipments / Headgear

• No Overpowered equipments to balance the game


• Only Sells Usable / Consumable / Rental Items.

• Costumes only give minimum EXP bonus.

• Headgears gives balance stats.

• Costume Exchange Fairy will be available.

Premium Service

• No EXP Bonus / Only Drop bonus +50% = 0.5 on Normal monster

• Extra Town Teleport on Kafra with zeny fee.

• Extra Dungeon Teleport with fee, only on entrance dungeon.

• Bubble Gum can be use while in Premium state.

• Additional 5000 Weight.

• Additional Commands: @whereis, @whosell, @whobuy, @mapmoblist

• Enable to use Level 1 Greed.

Unique Features

• Hourly Reward

• Online Lucky Player Event

• Vote Reward

• Daily Login Reward

• MVP Hunting Rank

• PvP Point System

• PvP Ranking

• Daily Quest

• EXP Pool system